Singapore GST Calculator

The standard Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate in Singapore is 9% for goods and services in 2024 (The rate was increased from 8% to 9% in January 2024). A reduced Singaporean Goods and Services Tax rate of 0% can apply in some cases.

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About Singapore GST:

The Singapore GST is a consumption tax levied on the supply of most goods and services and the import of goods. It impacts businesses by influencing their pricing strategies and affects consumers as it is added to the cost of most goods and services they purchase. Calculating the GST amount ensures transparency in pricing and compliance with tax regulations.

Introduce in 1994 at a rate of only 3%, the Singaporean GST rate has gradually increased to the current standard rate of 9%. The government of Singapore has decided on this increase to help support the nation's healthcare system and public services.

The Singaporean GST impacts the final price of goods and services. When buying an item or using a service, the value of the GST is added to the base price. This added value is then passed on to the authorities. Consumers, therefore, indirectly pay the GST.

Businesses and consumers alike need to be aware of how GST affects their purchases. Businesses must factor in the GST amount when setting prices, while consumers need to understand how GST impacts the total cost of their purchases. Accurate calculation of GST is essential for financial planning and compliance with tax regulations in Singapore.

For local businesses, understanding GST calculations is essential. SMEs can leverage the Singaporean GST calculator to better navigate taxation, plan for financial statements, and price their products and services effectively.

Calculating GST for your purchases involves adding the 9% GST rate to the price of goods or services. You can use the online Singaporean GST calculator to get the total amount, inclusive of GST. To calculate, simply input the exclusive price into the calculator, and it will automatically compute the GST payable, offering a total cost that is inclusive of GST.

How to Calculate VAT and reverse VAT ?

Calculate VAT and include the tax amount:
Incl. = Excl. + [(Excl./100) x VAT%]

Calculate the VAT backwards, a formula to exclude the tax amount:
Excl. = [Incl./(100+VAT%)] x 100

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Singapore GST Calculator
(Goods and Services Tax)

Singapore GST rates is 9% in 2024


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